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CMSA Provides many opportunities for continuing education. This list of links will be updated as we find more opportunities. If you know of a link that should be on this list, please email us at necmsa@gmail.com.

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The Nebraska Chapter of the Case Management Society of America is pleased to announce a partnership with AAACEUS to offer over 1600 hours of pre-approved continuing ed courses for case managers, social workers, rehab professionals, life care planners and registered nurses.

The courses now being offered on the website are pre-approved and appropriate for Nurses, ACM, CCM, CRC, CDMS, CRRN, CMCN, COHN, CPUR, CPUM, CPHM, Social Workers (ASWB) and more. You can take online courses, or Home Study courses (with textbook). All course types can be taken easily and conveniently at anytime.

Registration and testing are all done online and Certificates of Completion are immediately available upon passing the course exam and completing the Evaluation.

Over 50 course topics are covered including Ethics issues, Communication Skills, Traumatic Brain Injury, Spinal Cord Injury, Geriatric Case Management, Cultural Competency,  Privacy Issues, Utilization Review, Hospice and Palliative Care, Obesity, Emergency Room CM, Substance Abuse, Depression, Domestic Violence, Psychological issues and much more.

To get started follow these simple steps (for CMSA members who have already taken classes with us go to section 2):

SECTION 1 (New Students)- Click on your custom link:  http://www.AAACEUs.com/NEcmsa

  • Register / Log on (once Registered and logged on, you will be taken to YOUR ACCOUNT page).
  • View Course Catalog (click on SEARCH FOR COURSES button in top right corner of account page)
  • Find desired course (click on COURSE OVERVIEW for more details about course)
  • Click on TAKE COURSE NOW
  • Pay with Credit Card
  • Before starting to read course material, print off test (from YOUR ACCOUNT page)
  • Read course material and complete test as open book exam.
  • TO TAKE TEST: Return to YOUR ACCOUNT page and click on TAKE TEST for appropriate course.
  • Submit test for grading (see SPECIAL NOTES below) and complete evaluation form
  • Print Certificate of Completion
  • Call 1-866-850-5999 if you have ANY questions.

SECTION 2 (Moving Current Account)– Click on your custom link:  http://www.AAACEUs.com/NEcmsa

  • The link will open to a registration/login page.  Use your current AAACEUs.com user ID and Password to sign in.

(Call us if you need your password or user ID)

  • The affiliate webpage will automatically open and ask you if you would like to add Nebraska CMSA to your member

Profile.  Hit the “Add Me to This Affiliate” button and your account will become part of the Nebraska CMSA Affiliate Program and receive a 20% discount on future classes/CEUs.


Course material can be read as many times as desired.  Course material can be read on the computer OR printed off and read offline.

Tests can be re-taken as many times as necessary. If you don’t pass the test, the questions answered incorrectly are displayed on the screen – to re-take test, just use your BACK BUTTON to return to test, change the answers to those questions and re-submit test for grading. Repeat process until you pass.

Questions? Call AAACEUS.com Customer Support at: 1-866-850-5999


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